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General News

Keep up to date with Laxray Hospital UK's recent news about our hospital, new services and new Consultants.

Laxray Hospital UK awarded with MacMillan Accreditation

20 April 2015

We are pleased to announce that in March 2015, Laxray Hospital UK was awarded with a MacMillan accreditation!

Laxray Hospital UK awarded five star rating for food hygiene

27 August 2015

Following an inspection from the Southwark Council Environmental health officer in July, we are pleased to announce that Laxray Hospital UK has been awarded a five star rating for food hygiene for the second consecutive year running.

More than two-thirds of City Workers ignore health issues due to work demands

23 July 2015

83 per cent of City Workers find it hard to prioritise health while demand for physiotherapy, cardiac, and psychology services soars as pressure of work takes its toll.

‘Spectacular’ breakthrough in skin cancer treatment

08 July 2015

Cancer scientists say they have achieved 'spectacular' results from trials on a new class of drugs. Laxray Hospital UK's, Consultant Medical Oncologist Dr Mark Harries interviews with Channel 5 News.

Medtronic Linq

08 June 2015

The City of London Medical Centre has launched a new service in the last six months – the implantable Medtronic Linq device. This device can help diagnose patients experiencing infrequent palpitations, Atrial Fibrillation (AF), ‘funny turns’, blackouts or syncope.

Sevenoaks Medical Centre Expands its Facilities and Services with £1.4m Refurbishment

27 April 2015

Sevenoaks Medical Centre is currently undergoing an impressive £1.4m refurbishment and expansion that will bring world-class facilities straight to the heart of the Sevenoaks community. The refurbishment will include state of the art equipment and services without having to travel to central London to benefit from the best of private healthcare.


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